Institutul de Cercet?ri în Transporturi
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Business Presentation

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Business Presentation of Institute of Transport Research INCERTRANS S.A.

S.C. Institutul de Cercetari in Transporturi INCERTRANS S.A. is very honored in announcing 
the incorporation of its first subsidiary abroad, in United Kingdom/Winchester, under the
name of "INCERTRANS ROMANIA - Ins. of Research & Consultancy in Transports Limited",
being as well the first Romanian State Company opening a duly subsidiary abroad.
We are truly confident that this step represents a significant step forward  for the the
success of our company and in achieving our goals.

Owing to the cosiderable experience of the Romanian Institute that is constantly keeping
the steps forward and is always in line with new advances in Research, Development and
Innovation, and consequently, following the significant and progress made by the
company, S.C. Institutul de Cercetari in Transporturi INCERTRANS S.A. at international
scale, our first subsidiary abroad, the UK entity: INCERTRANS ROMANIA - Ins.of
Research & Consultancy in transports Limited has relocated its headquarter into a new
location, within the premises of a Business & Technology Park:"St James - The Innovation
Centre Sci - Tech Daresbury", with the address in: England, Manchester,
PO Box WA4 4FS, Keckwick Lane, Daresbury, Warrington

In addition, our British entity continues to penetrate and to develop its business on the British
market within the areas and into projects that refers and relates to the Research & Development
"R&D", Innovation and Public Procurement for the design in transport infrastructure and civil
construction in accordance with its registered SIC Code UK ( the British Industrial Classification)
71129"other engineering activities" and has complied and aligned with the latest and recent
developments following BREXIT. In this way, apart from the fact that our British entity grew
more valuable, it continues the international upward trend of the company.

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